Friday, August 10, 2007

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Ten Year Anniversary Party

Okay- here are the details, if you can make it.

When: August 15; 11am-2pm
Where: The San Marcos School of Yoga
Suggested Donation: $15

We will practice a full-spectrum practice. All levels are welcome so long as you know your limits and modifications.

We will have cake afterward so plan to stay if you can!

The San Marcos School of Yoga is located at 400 Centre Street in San Marcos Texas. From Highway 35, take exit 205 and go west on Hopkins Street. Stay on Hopkins all the way through down town San Marcos. The courthouse will be on your left as you pass through town. At the light for Comanche Street, just following the Tantra Coffee Shop on the left, turn left on Comanche. Pass over San Antonio Street. Pass over Martin Luther King Street. Comanche Street dead ends on Centre Street. Turn right. The Yoga School is on the right on the corner of Centre Street and Shady Lane.

Also- I am putting a new blog together and my new, very basic website is soon to be up and running. so stay tuned to all of that.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Back in the USA

42 hours and 38 minutes from pune to Lavonia. Now that is a long day. Kelly and I got to bed around 3 on Thursday morning, slept until 9 and then had a pretty low key day. By 8 pm I could not keep my eyes open and I went to bed.

I slept great for a while but now it is three in the morning here and my body thinks it is lunch time in India. Oh well- a few days of jet lag and weird sleep is expected, I suppose.

Okay then- I get back to Austin on August 6 and then we have the Immerions that weekend and I will be back teaching on Tuesday and Thursday nights (4:30 and 6) on August 14. Soon we will have pics to post. Wednesday August 15 is Anusara Yoga's 10 year anniversary. Anybody up for a big practice down in San Marcos? I will lead it, small donation, maybe a potluck? Just scheming....It might be a fun way to celebrate.

I am very excited to see everyone again.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Good-bye, Pune

After a great lunch at Vishali's to say good-bye to Pune, we are making one last visit to the internet cafe and then to pack up and wait for our taxi to Mumbai. I think I figured out this morning that it would be at least 48 hours before I slept in a bed on the way home! Not a complain, mind you- the trip has been totally worth it. Of course I have not left my flat yet....

Genevive, I think the pranayama was the most inspiring of all for me. As fabulous as Geeta is at asana instruction she is another universe all together with pranayama. Context, content, technique, descriptions,inspiration, etc. Somehow in all of the form she was so insistent about I leave feeling so empowered to practice because of the way she taught us and the permission to explore and the tools of techniques ebing the means. So, yes, a class- why not? Plus those of you in the Immersion we will do a fair amount of pranayama throughout the year.

Thanks to everyone who commented and and stayed in touch this summer. It has been a real blast. Thanks to Venus for suggesting the blog, thanks to Ari for insisting...I think I will continue with some kind of blog for the immersions and perhaps for some of my travelling this year.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Last Class Tonight

Please check out Anne's blog for a reviewof last nights activites.

I cannot beleive we have our last calss tonight. My mind is a bit more on packing and going home than on being here at this point. The month has been full and so inspiring. I feel like all there really is left to say or do is "go home and practice".

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tandoori Brownie- A hunk-a hunk-a burning Fudge

So last night we went to the highly recommended La Pizzeria here in Pune. (Mary and Eddy said it is their favorite place.) It was a long rickshaw ride across town but well worth the 45 rupees. The atmosphere was decidedly un-Indian and except for some funny quirks in the way the menu read, it was very Western. (For instance you could get ginger tea to drink and "chiles" was spelled "chillys". (Pasta with peppers and chillys). Kind of cute, right?

The atmosphere was great, the food was a welcome change to the food rut I have been in and the dessert, while not very tasty, was quite hilarious. I thought I was ordering a brownie sundae but their interpretation of brownie sundae was more like Tandoori Brownie. Imagine a fajita-type skillet steaming hot with a brownie set down on top of the smoking hot aluminum plate which was set in one of those wooden holders. There was a scoop of ice cream on top of the brownie. The plate was then set down in front of me and the waiter proceeded to drizzle fudge sauce on top which then hit the fajita plate with a gust of burning, sugary smoke that then cooked into a burnt chocolate mass on the plate yielding not so much chocolate flavor, as a smoke-infused burnt sugar flavor to the entire dessert. I cannot believe that dessert passed any test taste. The test panel certainly did not earn their keep on that one.

Anyway- Sunday is a day off from classes and so we practiced and then had lunch. (Cabbage subji- not thrilling, not bad. More in the neutral I -can- cope zone not in the I- am- bordering -on -despair -after- lunch zone. The subji was helped out by the leftover pasta I brought home from dinner.) We will probably watch a movie this afternoon and then clean up and head to The Institute for the Guru Purnima festivities. Rumor has it there will be a big feast there so that also took the edge of the cabbage subji.

Yes, it is time to go home. All esoteric considerations are lost to the less than profound contemplation of "what is for lunch?"

Anne and I gave deposits for The Institute in '09 and also for our flat so we are intending to return in two years. Kind of strange way to organize life, but there it is.

Okay- more tomorrow.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Here is the link that Ari provided, if any of you had trouble pulling it up from the comments. That is our lovely J-Mo for sure. Also I just fuond out that she will now be teaching at Austin Yoga Kula so those of you missing that zesty blend of wit, wisdom and encouraging ass- kicking that is Jessica Montgomery, check her out there.

Okay folks- another brilliant pranayama class with Geeta this morning. I think we have to change a bit more money and then run an errand and then practice.

Tomorrow is the Hindu Holiday called Guru Purnima which is a day of celebration in honor of the guru. There will be a big shin dig at The Institute. I think we are going to the Hotel Meridien for a day at the pool and then to Ihe Institute tomorrow in the afternoon.