Friday, August 3, 2007

Back in the USA

42 hours and 38 minutes from pune to Lavonia. Now that is a long day. Kelly and I got to bed around 3 on Thursday morning, slept until 9 and then had a pretty low key day. By 8 pm I could not keep my eyes open and I went to bed.

I slept great for a while but now it is three in the morning here and my body thinks it is lunch time in India. Oh well- a few days of jet lag and weird sleep is expected, I suppose.

Okay then- I get back to Austin on August 6 and then we have the Immerions that weekend and I will be back teaching on Tuesday and Thursday nights (4:30 and 6) on August 14. Soon we will have pics to post. Wednesday August 15 is Anusara Yoga's 10 year anniversary. Anybody up for a big practice down in San Marcos? I will lead it, small donation, maybe a potluck? Just scheming....It might be a fun way to celebrate.

I am very excited to see everyone again.


venus said...

I can't wait to give you a BIG HUG!!! Is that allowed?

Yes I would love to celebrate. Tell me what I can bring and or do...and of course directions.

Anasazi said...

Welcome back!

I think a Big Anusara Shindig is a great idea! I'd love to see your San Marcos studio.

Thanks so much for maintaining this insightful recounting of your misadventures abroad so faithfully. Reading this blog has become a regular part of my morning routine.

You've been missed around here! Can't wait to see ya! -Jesse

Anne-Marie Bowery said...

I also miss the pod

NeoMystic said...

Aug 15 is also the day I move into my new house! (Yes, 7 months pregnant and we are moving.) If I can manage it, I'd love to join you in San Marcos.

--Liz B.

pwalsh said...

PARTY??? I am all about a party!!!! -- be it in San Marcos or if that doesn't work out, perhaps we can gather in the MAUDIE's Parking lot. Count ME in!

Can't wait to see you, see pictures, see the light, see-saw, see no evil, see Spot run, see, I'm delirious!

Welcome home, our friend!