Monday, July 30, 2007

Last Class Tonight

Please check out Anne's blog for a reviewof last nights activites.

I cannot beleive we have our last calss tonight. My mind is a bit more on packing and going home than on being here at this point. The month has been full and so inspiring. I feel like all there really is left to say or do is "go home and practice".


g3 said...

Hey girl,
Thanks for being such a diligent and informative blogger! It has been enjoyed more than you know. Your experience sounds phenomenal! I am so happy that it has been so rich in so many ways (brownies included!). Really looking forward to hearing more stories and experiencing your teaching! Will you teach a pranayama class? Would be awesome!
May your travels be safe and easy!
Jai Mata Di!

venus said...

I have enjoyed every bit of your blog. I had problems posting due to blog issues, but have read them all and went back on some later ones and made some comments.
I look forward to seeing your bright and beautiful face and especially your laugh!

ari said...